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Overheard this week

"30% of subscribers on our app use the 'audio article' feature, and these readers are 1.7 times more engaged than other readers (in terms of articles read)."

Not to miss

Listening to articles: How Le Monde uses a synthetic voice to better engage audiences

The French daily Le Monde launched an audio version of all articles in its mobile app, a feature reserved for subscribers only

“Decisive notes” – The articles that convert for Argentina’s Clarín

What makes a reader decide to subscribe? We look at how Clarín defined the type of journalism that converts and integrated learnings into the newsroom.

How we developed a custom collaborative editor for our journalists at Contexte

At Contexte — a fast-growing B2B online media on politics founded in 2013, based in Paris and Brussels - email is our main information product. Daily briefings result from collaborative…

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The French publisher’s quest to reach new audiences

We met on a cold Friday morning, in a noisy café in Paris’ 15th arrondissement. Coffee in hand, Bérénice Lajouranie, Managing Director of the daily business newspaper Les Echos, accompanied…

Breaking the silo: bridging editorial and commercial teams, the essentials for success

The separation between editorial and business activities of news organizations has long been a fundamental norm of journalism. Journalists have traditionally considered this separation as both an ethical principle and…

From the brink of bankruptcy to digital transformation: the impressive story of Les Coops de l’info

Can you introduce the Les Coops de l'info group?  Les Coops de l'info is a cooperative press group of six local publishers and one media for younger audiences. Our local…

The Risk of Personalization: do people want and trust it?

My name is Lars K Jensen, and I am a former journalist who has been working with digital development, analyses and journalism in the media industry for several years. I work…