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Value proposition examples from successful publishers

A clearly communicates why a user should consider your product and what benefits it will deliver. Often made up of a single phrase followed by bullet points or a short paragraph, this is your convincer. The reasoning why your user should click through the wall to register or subscribe.

The goal here is to define the customer profile (pains, gains and jobs-to-be-done) before turning to your product and how it fits with the profile.

  • Gain creators: how does the product or service meet the customer's needs and how does it provide them with value?
  • Pain reliever: how does the product or service solve the pain and difficulties that a customer may encounter whilst carrying out this task?
  • Product or service: what is the product or service that creates value, solves problems and justifies the creation of value for the customer?
Value proposition canvas news media

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To get more inspiration, here are some brilliant value proposition examples from successful , followed by best practices to takeaway.

Disclaimer: of course, every publisher is different, with its own value to offer and unique audience to attract. Therefore, we wouldn't recommend copying these examples but rather being inspired by the structure, angle and wording of these examples.

Best practices to takeaway:

✅ When it comes to defining your value proposition, always start with the customer

✅ Consider the customer gains, pains and jobs-to-be-done. You can then work on how your product will address these (we'd recommend The Value Proposition Canvas, explained in detail here)

✅ Ask yourself Why do you do what you do? – Is it to support quality, independent journalism? To better inform your readers? To provide a unique angle on a particular topic? (note that revenue is the result rather than the why)

✅ Test, test and test again

✅ Use audience segmentation to test different value propositions on different audiences. This could be based on a user's location, level of or the content type

✅ Your audience should be able to read and understand your value proposition in about 5 seconds

✅ Include images to support comprehension