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The Audiencers is a B2B publication by Poool, The Membership and Subscription Suite, the complete set of tools needed to master your reader revenue model, from engagement & registration, to subscription & retention.

The Audiencers’ mission:

To support publishing and brand publishing professionals in making better decisions when it comes to engaging, converting and retaining their audiences.

Our goal is to be your go-to reference for becoming better at your job. After each visit to our site, we hope that you leave knowing exactly what you need to do to solve your current challenges, impress your boss and achieve your business goals. You’ll be inspired by our benchmarks, informed by our content for easier decision-making and learn from some of the best in the business thanks to our contributors.

Behind The Audiencers, the Poool team. In particular:

Marion Wyss

Digital publishing professional since 2006, Marion started by working for pure-player press before larger national titles in France including ELLE Magazine, L’OBS and Challenges where she was Chief Digital Officer until 2017. Following this, Marion founded Underlines, a consultancy agency for digital publishers, later working more closely with Poool who acquired the company in 2021. Since then, she has taken the role of Chief Marketing Officer and associate at Poool, also lecturing on reader revenue models for publishers at various journalism schools in France and Switzerland.

Madeleine White

Madeleine has been part of Poool since 2019, firstly as a French to English translator before taking the role of Content Marketing Manager in 2021 where she’s developed a deep understanding of the digital publishing industry – you could say that the Poool blog was her baby that has now grown up to become The Audiencers. Guardian of the English side of the company, she co-pilots the publication alongside Marion.

Pierre Crépin

Previously working at Papernest, Pierre has worked with Poool since 2020 when his year-long travel plans fell under (you can guess why). As our growth marketer, Pierre is known to sit at his computer in silence for a few days before emerging and telling us that “it’s sorted, it works perfectly now”.

Ugo Stephant

Given that Ugo would never write a bio himself, we can resume by saying that nothing at Poool would exist without him. Including this media. And especially our products. In short, he’s our CTO.

Maxime Moné

The one to suggest we launch a media, Maxime is our beloved CEO at Poool, the company that he co-founded alongside Gabriel Grandidier, Alexandre Santini and Ugo (yes, the very same).

…as well as the entire Poool team that work relentlessly each day to develop strategies, intelligence and tools around audience engagement, conversion and retention: Nicolas Auger, Flore Bayle, Morgan Berger, Maxime da Silva, Simon Deflesschouwer, Caroline Douet, Guillaume Lecuyer, Tyler Escolano, Mehdi Ezzahi, Jimena Llamas, Mike Mendes, Julie Murté, Emile Netter, Yannis Pagès, Ludivine Paquet, Eric Raden, Anthony Ribeiro, Pauline Ruiz, Manola Peroy, Adem Duran, Emma Rousseau and all those to join us in the future (find our job offers here).

T.A. friends that we’d like to thank

Quentin Franque, for his help and advice in turning our idea into a reality. Quentin lectures on digital transformation in the media industry at Sciences Po (Paris) as well as taking the role of Head of Marketing and Communications at the marketing agency, Intuiti, where he manages their brand publication, Decriiipt, and podcast, Flashback.

Aurélie Garnier, our wonderful illustrator. Her artistic talent with a digital brush has transformed The Audiencers’ content and we’re very thankful for that. But not just ours: Aurélie has also collaborated with other publishers, including Les Jours. You can find her full portfolio here.

Antoine Rodeghiero, French Creative Director based in New York, for his graphic design work on The Audiencers’ brand. Antoine works with companies of all shapes and sizes to develop their graphic identity. You can contact him via Linkedin here.

Jean-François Fogel, journalist, consultant and professeur at Sciences Po, Paris, for his valuable time, attention and advice whilst developing this media.

Jeremy Walters, Editor-in-Chief at What’s New In Publishing, for his continuous support and belief in our work, long before The Audiencers existed

T.A. contributors

A collection of publishing and brand publishing professionals contribute to The Audiencers, helping us in our mission of providing you with the concrete information needed to do your job better and support the growth of the industry as a whole. You can find the full list of contributors here.

Thank you in particular to those who believed in us from the start, before even seeing a single page of our media. Your confidence in our work is hugely valued.

Contributors have free reign to share their experience and expertise through content. The one rule: be useful to our readers with concrete, real-life and practical examples.

Interested in writing for The Audiencers? We’d love to hear from you! Just drop us a note at [email protected]

About Poool

For over 6 years, Poool has supported digital publishers with The Membership & Subscription Suite, the complete set of tools needed to master your reader revenue model, from engagement & registration, to subscription & retention.

Poool’s Membership & Subscription Suite sets you up for success at every step of your reader revenue model:

  • Poool Access > Dynamically gate content with paywalls, registration walls & data walls
  • Poool Connect > Log-in, SSO and membership management
  • Poool Subscribe > Subscriber management
  • Poool Engage > Engagement elements to increase propensity to convert and lifetime value
  • Poool Flow > Export analytics to cloud storage providers

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