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Join Madeleine, Marion, Julia, Pepe, Ellie… and over 1000 fellow Audiencers in our WhatsApp Community

Just like everything at The Audiencers, the goal of this community is to help you do your job better! The Audiencers’ WhatsApp Community gathers digital publishing pros from all over the world, in many groups organised per language, topic and events.

This is where discussions and debates happen, where we share our latest events, news and industry job vacancies and people bond around jokes, polls and maybe some intelligent stuff too.

The rules

  • You must be a digital publishing professional to be granted access
  • We welcome all professionals working for media companies, regardless of their role or experience
  • Madeleine or Marion will validate your entry manually, which may take a few days
  • We don’t accept tech vendors or consultants, with a few exceptions. This is for us to decide
  • This community is like The Auberge Espagnole: you get what you put in. So, don’t hesitate to contribute knowledge, humor, and some clever stuff too 🧠
  • Have your best jokes & emojis ready!

The WhatsApp groups

The Audiencers International

This is our leading Audiencers’ group. The floor is open for discussing any topic around audience development, in English.

Job offers

In this group, you can post job vacancies or express your interest in finding a new adventure

Poool International Clients

For Poool Clients only, where we share inspiration & best use cases of our Membership & Subscription Suite