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The Audiencers’ Festival London 2024

The Audiencers' Festival tour is back and this time we're coming to London!

With a view over the Thames and London's sky line, Audiencers will be reunited in the News UK Building on June 21st for a full day of expert insights on stage, insightful conversations off stage and an exciting twist to end the day on a high! 

Find the full agenda and reserve your spot here

And boy do we have a killer line up for you, with speakers from Canada, France, Spain, Norway, Brazil, UK and Germany (full agenda below).

But what's the exciting twist, I hear you ask?!

Any Emily in Paris fans will know (😂), but in France, on Summer Solstice (which happens to be the same day as our Festival), musicians of every variety take to the streets to perform well into the night as a celebration of music – fête de la musique. As a Brit living in Paris, it's one of my favorite days of the year!

Gutted to be missing it this year, we decided to bring the fête de la musique to London! Like a true Festival, we'll have musicians joining us in the breaks, and we didn't pick these musicians lightly – they're incredible and I can't wait to bring them to our event!

Expertise to bring back to the office, plus networking, food, wine & music… have we sold it to you yet?;) 

Reserve your spot here

On the agenda

The warm-up act: How to succeed in the current reader revenue landscape

  • Madeleine White, Co-founder (The Audiencers)
  • Marion Wyss, Co-founder (The Audiencers)

How has developed and promoted its product portfolio to gain reader support

  • Jim Scutt, Senior Growth Manager (The Guardian)
  • Julia Hinds, Senior Propositions Manager, Reader Revenue (The Guardian)

's digital transformation: the secrets behind the most successful Spanish-language media

  • Ismael Nafria Mitjans, Journalist, Author, Consultant

Audience-driven subscriber acquisition: putting the theory into practice

  • Donika Lilova, Head of Paid Content Subscription & Deputy Chief Subscription Officer (FAZ)
  • Eliz Mizon, Strategy Lead (The Bristol Cable)
  • Flávio Moreira, Product Management/Editor in Chief (UOL)
  • Oliver Norman, Co-founder (In Digital)

From the brink of bankruptcy to digital transformation: the impressive story of Canada's Les Coops de l'info, brought you by Arc XP

  • Marc Gendron, Publisher (Le Soleil)

From community to reader revenue

  • William Whittington, Lead Community Moderator ()
  • Peter Jackson, Reader Comment Editor (The Times & The Sunday Times)
  • Birger Søiland, Head of Sales (Norkon)

Multichannel anti- strategy: 5 examples from Libération, brought to you by Actito

  • Adèle Bacos, Head of Subscription Marketing (Libération) 

Churn reduction stories from two sides of the Channel

  • Romain Lhote, Head of Marketing (L'Équipe)
  • Lisa Stevens, Head of Subscriber & (The Times)

Full agenda and registration here

Thank you to our partners who help to make this event possible:

But that's not all… The Audiencers' Workshop is happening on June 20th

Subscriber acquisition is all well and good, but there's no point in getting readers to pay if they're just going to churn days or months later. Hence why we're organizing a workshop dedicated to retention-minded acquisition.

In partnership with Aptitude and In Digital, and with a special guest from France's leading sports media, L'Équipe, we'll be sharing concrete strategies, insights and best practices to intelligently acquire subscribers who will stay subscribed. Plus a fun “subscription speed dating” to brain storm with other publishing professionals facing similar challenges to yourself.

Registration here, just scroll down and click ‘workshop'