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Engagement strategy benchmarks for digital content producers

There is a direct correlation between and revenue – as a user becomes increasingly engaged in your content, they yield gradually more revenue to your business:

  • More page views for revenue
  • More likely to create a free account, meaning you can charge more for targeted ad spots
  • Higher propensity to subscribe in the future
  • Potential to become a brand advocate who recommends you to others

Engagement is therefore essential for any publisher to track and seek to develop throughout the user journey, moving users from Volatiles (only visiting your site an average of once per month) to Fans (who visit 19+ times a month) and later subscribers.

Take inspiration from some of the most successful publishers in the business on how they engage audiences:

Best practices for increasing engagement:

  • Form habits through regularity: e.g. newsletters sent at the same time every day to either form a new habit or fit into an existing one (such as the commute to work or a morning coffee)
  • Balance frustration with engagement to increase the value of your users. Engagement is great, but you also need to monetize your content!
  • Employ strategies that encourage recirculation so that users remain on your site
  • Offer as much personalization as possible (such as for newsletters , push notifications, ect) to make sure users are only getting content that interests and engages them rather than frustrates
  • Provide value in exchange for steps – for instance, registered users could be offered additional features, exclusive content, a lighter ad experience, etc
  • Interactive content is your new best friend! Engaging users with games, quizzes or personality tests will help to keep them on page for longer and coming more frequently, especially if there's something to be gained from it (such as a discount, especially if you're a brand publisher)

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