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Registration Walls: 18 benchmarks to better convert users into members

Registration walls, the latest trend amongst digital content producers (news , e-learning sites and brands alike).

The concept: block content and ask or require users to create a free account in order to gain access.

The benefits: unlike many assumptions, a registration wall is beneficial to digital publishers employing any type of revenue model…

  • Increase ad revenue through targeting – by collecting custom reader IDs
  • Maximize to increase propensity to subscribe (= more revenue)
  • Personalize based on collection for a better user experience and build close relationships with readers
  • Provide additional value in exchange for registration to increase loyalty

Registration wall best practices:

  • Only ask for the information you need (name and email address is the essentials, but keep other form fields to a minimum)
  • Define a clear just as you would for a offer
  • Forefront the value that users will get in exchange for registration (e.g. a lighter ad experience, exclusive content, your , features, etc)
  • Reduce the number of clicks, typing and scrolling needed to register (i.e. reduce friction)
  • Onboard your newly registered users just as you would for subscribers
  • Maximize the value of registration to increase engagement – such as via a regular newsletter to form habits and keep users coming back for more content