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Overheard this week

"30% of subscribers on our app use the 'audio article' feature, and these readers are 1.7 times more engaged than other readers (in terms of articles read)."

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Google News Consumer Insights tool: the need-to-know

Hello Genoveva, you're the Strategic Partner Manager at Google in Spain. What does that mean? What is your specific role? Hi Marion, my role consists of supporting publishers with their…

News media: determining the optimal price for your subscription product

Pricing is a key lever for revenue and profitability growth for news media, and so an essential strategy to master.

A whistle stop tour of the wondrous world of Lifetime Value

LTV helps companies understand the medium and long-term effects of their actions, and steer their digital subscription business model.

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The Wall Street Journal: how to develop long term relationships with young audiences

The Audiencers' Festival at The New York Times Building on March 15th brought together 150 digital publishing professionals to discuss everything from audience research to newsletters, engaging young audiences and…
The Audiencers' Festival New York

How Reuters and The New York Times use newsletters to drive loyalty, subscriptions, and revenue

Newsletters continue to be a valuable tool for cutting through the noise of shared online spaces and engaging audiences in direct and meaningful ways. To learn from a couple of…

Lennart’s road trip: 6 learnings from German subscription businesses

Figma, ZEIT, Babbel, Table.Briefings, Fortune and The Pioneer... The Subscribe Now tour, in partnership with Deutsche Fachpresse this March, meant visiting a variety of international subscription businesses around Berlin, learning…

Don’t feel like subscribing? 12 examples of alternatives to increase ARPU

I'm guessing that you're a fan of subscriptions, otherwise you're in the wrong place. But, unfortunately, not all of our users and readers are as enthusiastic about this model. Some are…